Times are tough and the arcade manager can only afford one master control program to run a whole bank of video game cabinets. You are that program.

Since it's just you, you have to do double time to be the final guy in each game and get every quarter's worth of play out of your players on a whole bank of arcade machines of varying genres.

Keep the arcade afloat while staying alive yourself.


  • Up/Down to switch between active arcade cabinets
  • Space or Enter to use top item on the game you're currently in
  • Del or Backspace to throw away the top item
  • Your gamepad will also work (D-Pad for Up-Down/A for Space/B for Del).
  • Your mouse will also work, click on the 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen to make things happen.
  • Touch also works, same story as mouse. Tap the buttons on the bottom of the screen.


As you play, new items will accrue in your stack.

  • Attack items: Perform an attack. Sometimes an attack is not genre-appropriate and will not be effective -- or super effective! Go on and bring a gun to a swordfight!
  • Summon items: Add a helper monster to the game to slow down players. Also genre-themed. Sea monsters in space is probably a bad idea.
  • Equip items: These are various buffs to you, the boss.

Users have 3 HP per game, and some number of quarters which they can use to revive their player and continue their game.

If a player hits the end of the game, they'll walk away from the machine and you lose the rest of the quarters they would have spent on it.

Once the user gets close to the end of the game, they'll try to fight through. If they do make it to you they'll cause you some damage.

The machines to your back generate shields, which the player must fight through to get to you.

When a player runs out of quarters or beats the game, they walk away.

Once a game no longer has any interested players, it's powered off and its motherboard is swapped out with a new game, to attract new players.

Updated 29 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorJason Scheirer
TagsPixel Art

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The .exe should just run.


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