My first interactive fiction piece. Spent more time, as is my wont, tweaking the engine than on the actual gameplay.

Long ago in the 1990s Anime was really hard to come by. Before Japanese culture was cool, Japanese culture was hard to get a hold of.

This is not quite autobiographical or even semiautobiographical, but it's an amalgamation of memories of my early adolescence in the 90s, back before being a nerd was cool (the Marvel Universe was limited to comics and really bad animated series) and Anime was a nearly unobtainable treasure to obtain.


It's 4 buttons and/or mouse.

  • Keybaorad: Up/Down/Space/Backspace,
  • Moose: Click the side buttons with the mouse
  • Game Pad: D-Pad Up/Down/X/B


Download 4 MB

Install instructions

  • Browser: Use your browser. I believe in you.
  • Windows: Use the .exe file in the included .zip. I included the git changelog too if you want to read that. I don't know why you would want to read it, but you can.

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